About Chand Rent a Car SERVICE in Lahore

Chand Rent a Car is a company with more than 10 years of experience in Car Rental services and vehicle rentals with & without drivers. Our origins began offering private taxi services in Lahore transferring our clients all over Pakistan. The company Chand “rent a car service in Lahore” after much effort was growing. This success was due to our dedication to always offering a Car rental service in Lahore with driver and transport of the highest quality at a very competitive price and always characterized by our seriousness and punctuality.

Growth and years of experience serving the most demanding clients have allowed us to have an organizational structure through which we can cover any type of transportation need that may arise. Human and technical means are at your disposal to carry out a transfer to the airport or any other place all over Pakistan with a private vehicle to carry out the integral management of transport for a great event: transport for pharmaceutical congresses, traveling for hill stations, award ceremonies, private parties, school trips, transport for weddings, inter-city traveling, advertising events, and VIP transport.

Recently, our nationwide services have been expanded with the car rental service with or without a driver in Pakistan, focusing on the rental of Toyota, Honda, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Jeeps, and other vehicles.

Chand “Rent a Car Service in Lahore” has implemented a Quality Management System based on the high-quality standard to establish a system of continuous improvement of processes and improve the care our customers receive. On our page, you will find the most suitable car for your trip specially adapted to your budget.


from   Rs. 3,000/-

With Driver

Toyota Cars, Honda Cars, Suzuki Cars etc.

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Chand Rent a Car service in Lahore


from   Rs. 12,000/-

With Driver

Prado, Land Cruiser, Audi, Lamousine, Vego etc.

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from   Rs. 10,000/-

With Drivers

APV, Carry Duba, Flying Coaches, Hino Buses etc.

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Why Chand Rent a Car Service in Lahore?

With Chand car rental service in Lahore go exactly where you want. Choosing the best Rent a Car service in Lahore is no doubt a good option to save time and money. It may be that your private car is not the most suitable for the circumstances of your trip or traveling because you are traveling in a group and have a lot of luggage or because the combination of other means of transport is not the most appropriate. Here we are explaining some basic criteria to choose a vehicle for rent.

Criteria to choose a vehicle:

You have to check several factors to choose a rental service in Lahore well. Here it is a matter of practicality, comfort, but also safety. Many people rent a car for the first time in their life to enjoy their vacations. Comparisons between travel agencies do not give enough detail about the vehicles on offer however; it is just as essential as the choice of the agency itself. Chand Rent a car service in Lahore always try to fulfill all these criteria for its clients. 

The Options:

Check the extras that each car offers such as GPS, child seats, AC in summer seasons, heaters in winter seasons, and anything else that seems important to you. Choose an agency like Chand “Rent a Car in Lahore” that offers a wide range of vehicles equipped with these above-said options.

The Duration:

It is also a selection criterion that must be specified when making the reservation. If you need a car for a long period of time, it is better to choose a simpler vehicle, since the price will be more affordable. If you want to use it for a short period of time, you can afford a premium car.

Your Budget:

It is very important. You should not opt for a premium car with a more limited budget. However, if you find a good comparison, you can always find a special offer with a more than affordable price. Don’t settle for a very low price, prioritize advantages such as comfort, safety, and convenience for all passengers. Chand Rent a Car in Lahore is the only Car Rental service in Lahore that guarantees the best-ever budget package to you.

Kind of Terrain:

Also ask yourself what kind of terrain you want to move in: urban, rural or wild. When travelling with children, a saloon car or SUV is the most suitable. If you are going on a business trip and have an appointment with an important person, it is a good opportunity to rent a car, but make sure you choose a premium, spacious and comfortable car.

Your Needs:

Take into account the use of the vehicle you want to rent. Do you have any special requirements? For example, if you are going to drive alone, you may like a small car, while if you are with your family or in a group, a family model will suffice, since there are enough seats.


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